Hi, I'm Jess. I'm 20 years old and I live in England... if you want to know anymore please just ask me. When I get messages they tend to make me smile for a super long time, just so you know.
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i am the shyest attention whore ever


Coming soon.

Everyone has new Camp Takota merch and I just had to budget in order to buy a box of Creme Eggs…

Trinity Fandom Please read-


I have said this before and I will continue to say it;

Just because we are in a fandom with each other doesn’t mean we all have to be best friends. It doesn’t mean we all have to hang out and call each other and plan to meet up. It doesn’t mean anything other then the fact that we have to…


Dear Future Kids of Mine, Sorry for all the cuddles and kisses and baby talk but OH MY GOODNESS I ALREADY LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

I went to the shop, bought large quantities of chocolate but then made myself a healthy smoothie so it’s not all bad right?


"There’s Grace Helbig doing her independent hipster album cover" - Hannah x







I ‘twas bored and could not sleep so I art-ed
#NoFilter show maybe?

You know when you’ve spent too much time in this fandom when you recognise them just by their eyes.

And hannah’s forehead butt

I agree with deathkora. It’s weird that I can recognize them by their eyes, but it’s also amazing. themdkkitchenettes, nice job with the drawing!

Haha I was thinking the same thing when I was drawing them.
Thanks though you guys :,)

I need this as a poster in my room ASAP!

I want a poster version of this so bad but preferably with Mamrie’s eyes crossed…

Is it too late for everyone to call themselves kitchenettes? I really haven’t let go of that dream yet. [x]

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You will always need a dancing Mamrie Hart.